How It Works

Project management tool for welding companies

How It Works

1. Plan

Project leaders, welding coordinators

⁃ Create a new project.
⁃ Upload project documents, such as drawings, material/welder certificates, work instructions, etc.
⁃ Create the welding lists and set the welding requirements.
⁃ Define project participants such as welding coordinators, welders, NDT inspectors, and viewers.

2. Execute

Welders, heat treatment operators

⁃ Access the project information such as project documents, welding lists, work instructions, etc with a mobile phone.
⁃ Weld in accordance with the given requirements.
⁃ Log the work activity, including weldings, heat treatments, etc.
⁃ Adds photos of the welds, comments, and other relevant additional information.

3. Inspect

NDT technicians

⁃ Access the project and see the welds that are ready to be inspected.
⁃ Inspect the welds and mark them as approved or rejected.
⁃ Welding coordinators, welders, and other project participants can immediately see if the weld has been approved or rejected.
⁃ Create the NDT reports and upload them into Reportify Weld afterwards.

4. Control

Management, project leaders, welding coordinators

⁃ Maintain a clear overview of the project and stay in the loop.
⁃ Continuously monitor the project performance and quality.
⁃ Collaborate with the different project stakeholders in real-time.

5. Collaborate

Customers, control instances

⁃ Access the project in the viewer role.
⁃ Oversee the project in real-time.
⁃ Conduct smooth and transparent control and certification processes.

6. Deliver

Management, project leaders, welding coordinators

⁃ Generate the welding quality report and deliver it to the customer and certifiers.
⁃ Mark the project as finished and deliver the final bill to the customer.
⁃ Move the project into the archive.


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