Why Reportify Weld

Project management tool for welding companies

Why Reportify Weld?

Get rid of paper stacks

Get rid of manual paperwork in the office and at the welding site. Welding coordinators do not have to print and distribute paper forms when the project starts or collect and scan forms when the project is over. Welders no longer have to fill out paper forms at the welding site. Your project will have simpler and more efficient workflows that save time for both welding coordinators and welders.

Use it everywhere

Reportify Weld stores the project data in the cloud and is fully functional with different devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile devices. It can be used in areas with poor mobile coverage and even without an internet connection. The system stores data locally on your device and synchronizes it when you reconnect.

Share data instantly

Follow the progress of the welding project in real-time, see the documentation for each individual weld as soon as it is made. Welders can log and document each weld with their mobile phone immediately after the work has been performed – faster and more convenient than manual paperwork. NDT operators can access the welding plan and acknowledge the completed NDTs so that the welder and the welding coordinator can immediately see if the workpiece has been approved. NDT report can be added to the system afterward.

Reduce project bottlenecks

Reduce project bottlenecks by removing manual workflows that can accumulate and slow down the progress of the projects. Reportify Weld eliminates the delays that occur when the welding coordinator has to physically collect paper forms and NDT reports before the item can be passed on in production or out to the customer. Project documentation is gradually built up alongside the welding work – when the welders have finished the project, so has the welding coordinator, and the last invoice can be sent faster.

Generate reports automatically

Reportify Weld has an in-built report generator that creates the welding quality report for the project automatically. It saves the welding coordinator the time previously spent collecting information from the welders & NDT operators and manually compiling it. Since all the project documentation has been gradually added into the system during the project, the quality report can be generated in a few seconds and sent to the customer as soon as the last weld is in place.

Comply with certificates

Reportify Weld makes it easy to comply with welding standards such as ISO 3834-2, EN 13445-4, and EN 1090 EXC 3 and 4. It supports the workflows that you must follow as a certified welding company. Best practices are built-in.


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